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The Sanctuary 5K celebrates and defends the racial, economic, religious, ethnic, and social diversities that are inherent to Chicago. Now, more than ever, the Sanctuary 5k is essential to proclaiming the indisputable value of diversity to our past successes and future hopes as a city, and as a nation.
The race course is a gentle one, starting at Willye B. White Park in Rogers Park, heading north to Clark Square Park in Evanston, and returning to Willye B. White.
Walking and running are welcome !

Race Course ---------->>>

Sanctuary 5K from SkyPike Productions on Vimeo.

A Just Harvest

A Just Harvest is committed to breaking bread and restoring community—providing ongoing sanctuary from hunger, isolation, poverty and violence. No one is a stranger at A Just Harvest. All are welcome to the dinner table. Everyone’s gifts are affirmed and valued.

A Just Harvest runs the longest standing, independently supported Community Kitchen in Chicagoland. Open since 1983 and consecutively since 1990 (9,400+ straight nights), A Just Harvest has served 1.5 million meals at the hands of tens of thousands of volunteers. A Just Harvest is also a key player in the areas of community and economic development and social and economic justice.